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Terms & Conditions

1. Variation in Display

A. The approximate basic parameters like size, colour, etc are mentioned in the website along with the photographs. These must not be taken as exact specifications. There may be some variation in the pictures and the respective products, as these are hand-made products. While we strive for perfect match, we generally assure 75-90% match between product picture and respective product. However, kaguji.com will not be responsible for any perceived or attributed mis-match in design and finish of any of ordered products. Kaguji may deliver a similar or alternate product for reasons or exigencies beyond its control. We always try our best to provide the updated information on the website from time to time. However changes in raw material designs like fabric, veneers or laminates etc by suppliers are beyond our control, and there may be some lag in getting new product photographs updated on our website.
B. The availability and the prices of any item displayed on the website can be changed without any prior notice. And can also be different in your area depending on the location of customer premises.
C. We reserve the right to limit the sale, or prohibit sales to re-sellers. And will not be responsible for any kind of inadvertent descriptive or photographic errors. You agree to detailed terms of use and Privacy Policy of this website.

2. Delivery of your Order

A. Once you have completed a valid purchase, kaguji will thereafter transmit a confirmation email to your registered email address informing you of the scheduled date of delivery of your furniture. Deliveries may take between 6-10 weeks from the date of receipt of payments, depending on mode of Shipment or delivery applicable / available.
B. Delivery Guarantee- Kaguji makes every effort to carry out deliveries within the promised time period. This however will not be applicable on delays due to reasons beyond our control like floods, fire, wars, strikes, change of government laws and regulations etc. In any case, Kaguji will keep customer informed of revised delivery schedule using the registered contact numbers and/or email address from your registered data.
We use market leading renowned companies like Safexpress , BlueDart and GATI for delivery of our products. We will share your order tracking number with you so that you can check the transit status of your order online.
Kindly note few important points
A. Kaguji.com will be responsible for delivery of your order to your address outside your premises, on the ground. Once you have inspected the goods on the ground and accepted the delivery, Kaguji.com responsibility and promise of Safe delivery of your order ends right there.
B. You agree to make your own arrangements for smooth carriage of goods from outside your apartment / House or complex to your doorstep irrespective of the floor your may reside / or want to place goods ordered. Kaguji.com will not be responsible and liable for any damage to goods during such a transfer /movement.
C. Kaguji.com does not take any responsibility whatsoever at the time of delivery on the ground that access to your desired location is not possible (e.g. doorway too small, insufficient space to maneuver the furniture through the premises, road inaccessible to delivery van, etc.). Before ordering, you are under an obligation to ensure that there is adequate room to take your purchased furniture through any doorways and windows of your premises, taking note of any restricted passageways, stairs and awkward turns.

India - Mumbai office
Shop no : 140 - 141
Raghuleela mall vashi
Mob : +91 9029021515    

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